To empower leaders in Higher Education with the knowledge and
skills to apply the values and principles of the duty of care in ethical
decision-making processes and to consider the consequences of
ethics review processes on all stakeholders who may be affected by
these decisions. The event aims to facilitate critical discussions
about the different lenses ethics reviewers, researchers, students
and ethics administrators apply in research ethics decision making
processes and the importance of cultivating the sensitivity to ethical
issues to enhance the integrity of research conducted at institutions.
Participants will reflect on actionable strategies to avoid the erosion
of ethical standards in research and reduce the bias and conflict of
interest that can potentially undermine the credibility of research.
The facilitator will use a blend of theoretical insights, case studies
and interactive examples to illustrate the importance of the careful
exploration of different facets of ethical issues and openness to the
different perspectives of various stakeholders to enhance the quality
of ethical decision-making processes at institutions.

Who should attend
The event is particularly meaningful for senior and middle managers
across both public and private higher education institutions. It is
designed to engage a broad spectrum of leadership roles, including
Research Directors, Chairs of Ethics Committees, Faculty members
serving on ethics committees or leaders responsible for research
quality assurance in departments, faculties, as well as policy
makers, advisors and institutional planners in their respective
institutions. This masterclass aims to equip these leaders with the
insights and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of
research ethics standards and regulatory processes maintaining the
values and principles of research integrity while simultaneously
fostering innovative research. and educational excellence.

Date of event: 16 April@14:00

Cost per participant: Free
Facilitator: Dr Henriette van den Berg (UFS)
CHEC certificate of successful completion: Participants receive a CHEC certificate at completion of the event.
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Dr Henriette van den Berg
Dr. Henriëtte van den Berg is an accomplished academic and specialist in research capacity development and supervisor training, currently
managing the Transformation of the Professoriate Mentoring Programme at the University of Free State since July 2019. With a comprehensive
academic background from North-West University, South Africa, in Counselling Psychology, and registration as a counselling psychologist
since 1986, she has extensive experience in academia and psychology. After earning her PhD in Psychology from the University of the Free
State in 2001, she contributed significantly as a lecturer and later as Programme Director in the Department of Psychology, mentoring over 60
postgraduate students. She was Director of the Postgraduate School at UFS, enhancing postgraduate education policies and processes. Since
2017, she has focused on postgraduate education and research development, engaging in projects with national and international reach,
including building online resources, strengthening doctoral supervision, and mentoring. Dr. van den Berg also completed a Postgraduate
Diploma in Applied Ethics (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University and trains research ethics review committees across various institutions.