To empower leaders in higher education with the knowledge
and skills necessary to strategically integrate Artificial
Intelligence technologies into their institutions’ pedagogical
frameworks and administrative practices. This event aims to
facilitate critical discussions on the innovative use of AI to
enhance teaching and learning, address the ethical
implications and policy considerations of AI deployment in
education, and provide actionable insights into developing and
implementing AI strategies that align with institutional goals.
Through a blend of theoretical insights, practical case studies,
and interactive activities, participants will understand how AI
can be leveraged to foster inclusive, personalized and effective
educational experiences, ensuring institutions remain at the
forefront of technological advancement and educational

Who should attend
The event is particularly meaningful for senior and middle
managers across both public and private higher education
institutions. It is designed to engage a broad spectrum of
leadership roles, including IT Directors and Managers,
Policymakers and Advisors in Higher Education, Faculty
Members with an interest in Educational Technology,
Educational Technologists and Instructional Designers, as
well as professionals involved in Quality Assurance and
Institutional Planning. This masterclass aims to equip these
leaders with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the
complexities of integrating AI into educational settings,
fostering an environment of innovation, inclusivity, and
forward-thinking in their respective institutions.

Date of Event: 18, 19 March (10:00-15:00)

Venue: Maxhub Lectern, CPUT Bellville Campus
Cost per participant: ZAR 2000, including tea/coffee
Facilitator: Prof Elizabeth Archer
CHEC certificate of successful completion: Participants receive a CHEC certificate at completion of the event.
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About Prof Elizabeth Archer
Prof. Elizabeth Archer, Director of Institutional Research at the University of the Western Cape, plays a strategic role in
providing data-driven insights for university leadership. Her work spans data collection, analysis, planning, policy
development, and compliance. She has a keen interest in student success in higher education and has published extensively,
including over 20 research papers and contributions to academic journals. Prof. Archer has also held significant editorial roles,
including editor-in-chief for special Perspectives in Education and Mathematics editions and associate editor for Frontiers in
Education. Recognized by the National Research Foundation of South Africa, she has received accolades for her research and
contributed to international projects like SANPAD. As a former President of the Southern African Association for Institutional
Research and a mentor to postgraduate students, Prof. Archer advocates for integrating technology into education to
enhance learning and innovation.